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08/06/2015 Notice:
TEAM Year End Close – September 25, 2015

This communication is a reminder that on September 25, 2015, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grantmaking system TEAM will close for Federal Fiscal Year 2015. This is part of our standard procedure that allows FTA to conduct its annual year-end processes. Given this deadline, recipients are encouraged to execute new awards or amendments promptly. Budget revisions must also be submitted and approved by September 25th for your award to be in active status.

In Federal Fiscal Year 2016, the FTA will introduce its new grant making system TrAMS and an updated version of its ECHO Web payment system. Your efforts during these next few months will help us ensure that we migrate the most current information into the new system. FTA will be providing additional information over the next several months to keep you informed about TrAMS and ECHO-Web.

Please be aware of the FTA TrAMS information page ( where you can sign up for future alerts about TrAMS, view introductory training presentations, and read frequently asked questions about TrAMS. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this transition.

04/02/2015 Notice:
Attention TEAM-Web Users,

TEAM-Web support staff recently deployed TEAM-Web v5.9.19. In this version, changes were made that affect password expiration and reset functionality. As a result of the update, you may be asked to reset your password. If you have difficulty resetting your password, please contact the help desk for additional support.

12/02/2011 Notice: Attention FTA TEAM-Web users accessing the application through the DOT Network
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