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04/02/2015 Notice:
Attention TEAM-Web Users,

TEAM-Web support staff recently deployed TEAM-Web v5.9.19. In this version, changes were made that affect password expiration and reset functionality. As a result of the update, you may be asked to reset your password. If you have difficulty resetting your password, please contact the help desk for additional support.

11/05/2014 Notice: The FY 2015 Certifications and Assurances published in the Federal Register on 31 Oct 2014 are now available in TEAM. Current FTA recipients are required to submit (pin) their FY 2015 Certifications and Assurances within ninety (90) days from the date of the Federal Register Notice publication. Applicants for FTA funds are required to pin their FY 2015 Certifications and Assurances prior to grant award or by 1/30/2015, whichever comes first. The Fiscal Year 2015 Certifications and Assurances can be viewed on FTA's website.

12/02/2011 Notice: Attention FTA TEAM-Web users accessing the application through the DOT Network
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