TEAM-Web User Guide Compilation

Version: 2.8.11

Post Date:  10/23/2015

Compiled / Full Version

TEAM-Web User Guide (PDF Format, 11.2 Mb)

TEAM-Web User Guide (Zipped File, 9.7 Mb)

Both links provide the same full version of the guide, but the compressed version may assist those with a slower network connection due to the size of the file.

Modular Version

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Login and Navigation

Chapter 2 - Retrieving Records

Chapter 3 - Developing a New Project

Chapter 4 - Modifying an Application

Chapter 5 - Application Tools

Chapter 6 - FTA Review and Approval

Chapter 7 - Execution

Chapter 8 - Project Management

Chapter 9 - Funds Control and Funding Adjustments

Chapter 10 - TEAM Administration

Chapter 11 - Reports

Chapter 12 - Civil Rights

Chapter 13 - Charter Registration

Chapter 14 - ARRA 1201 Reporting

User Guide Appendices

The modular guide contains the same information as the full version, but is separated at the chapter level as an option to assist those with slow network connections or those conducting focused training efforts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the TEAM Helpdesk at or 1-888-443-5305