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  1.   Log on to the Internet.                 

  2.   Go to the “Links” Section from the main TEAM-Web page:


  4. Click on the “Echo-Web” link to go to the log in page


Tests: Echo-Web

Scenario Action Results
Log in Security notice When you click on the Echo-Web link, a screen show open with log in entry fields and a security notice.
Log in to the system Type in your User Name, Password, and ECN.  At this time only the Development database is available to you.  Click on the Login button.  With proper log in credentials, the screen will change and place you at the Echo-Web main menu and you will see “Echo-Web What’s New” to the right.
Verify proper functioning of the Navigational Menu

1)      Click on the plus (+) signs to the left of the words in the navigational menu – when you do so, the (+) should change to a (-) and the menu should expand so show a submenu

2)      Expand all of the submenus and run your mouse over all of the words in the Navigational menu.  Some of the words will highlight as your mouse is placed over them

3)   Words that highlight perform an action once clicked on.  Click on the word “Security” for example.  The “Query Echo User” form will display in the main window. Enter query information in the form and/or click Enter.
Query results are filtered by user role.
  - Standard Users will see only their own user profile.
  - Administrators will see only users with ECNs in their own Region/Cost Center.
  - TBP Administrators will see all users.

Verify Security Features Click on “Add User” and a new window will open with the “Add ECHO User” screen.
Only Administrators will see the link for “Add User”. Standard Users do not have access to this screen.
Verify Modify User

Query and select an ECHO user, as instructed above, then click the “Modify User” link. The Modify User screen will open and allow you to make changes to the user profile. Standard Users will only be allowed to update contact information on Tab 1 and will not be allowed access to Tab 2 or Tab 3 on this screen.

Verify Change Password

Click the “Change Password” link. The “Change ECHO-Web Password” screen displays and allows you to change your own password.

Payments:  Request a Payment

Underneath “Payments” in the Navigational Menu, click on “Request Payment.”  A new screen will appear titled “FTA ECHO Payment Request Form.”

Request a payment screen:  field modification

1)      Try to modify fields:  Echo Control Number, Request No., and Date/Time.  You should not be able to do so

2)      Try to modify fields:  Recipients Name, Approving Official, and Contact.  The screen should allow this and the requestor is encouraged to do so.

3)      Type “abc” in the Telephone Number field and press the Tab key.  You should receive a formatting error message.

4)   Enter a proper phone number in the Telephone Number field and press the Tab key.  The screen should allow this field modification

Request a payment:  enter a claim amount

For testing purposes enter in $100.25 to the “Total Amount Claimed” field.

Cent values will be rounded to the nearest whole dollar.
Request a payment:  enter your payment information  

1)      Enter “abc” into the first project # and press the Tab key.  You should get a popup message informing you that project numbers must be 8 characters

2)      Follow the guidance and enter an 8 character project number

3)      Enter in a Request Amount of $50 and for the same project a Return Amount of $50.  You should get a message informing you that you may not have a request and return on the same row.  The Return will reset to zero

4)      Enter in 2 more project numbers (max 20):  one with a Return Amount of $50 and one with a Request Amount of $105.  You will notice that the “Current Request Amt + Return Amt Total” is the net value of $105

5)      Click the green “OK” check mark in the upper right hand corner.  You should get a message informing you that the Claimed and Computed amounts are not equal

6)      Change the $105 dollar value to $100 and click “OK.”  You should now get a message stating that you must confirm that the information is correct

7)      Click in the box to the left of the words “I acknowledge the above information is correct.”  A check mark will appear

8)   Click on the “OK” and your information will save and the screen will close

Request a payment:  View your report After you have submitted a payment request, you should see a screen notifying you that you have successfully saved your request and what your message number is.  Below are two buttons.  Click on the “Print Report” button and a new window will open showing a summary report of your request.  You may save or print out this report.  Clicking on the “No Thanks” button will simply close the screen without generating the report.
Payment History Query Click on “Payment History Query” under Payments on the Navigational Menu.  A Query Payments form should appear to the right
Query Payments Attempt multiple queries by entering in different types of query parameters.  After each query, click on “Query Payment History” on the Navigational Menu to perform a new query (please try at least 3 different queries)
The query results are filtered based on user role.
  - Standard Users will only see results for their own ECN used to log in.
  - Administrators will only see results for ECNs in their own Region/Cost Center.
  - TBP Administrators will see all ECNs.
Query a Payment for review Click on “Payment History Query” and enter today’s date in the “Request Date” field.  Then click on the button Submit Query.  At a minimum your payment request you submitted in a previous test will appear listed
View Payment History Detail  

1)      Select a payment by clicking on it (doing so will “highlight” the entire line)

2)      Click on “Payment History Detail” under Payments on the Navigational Menu.  A new screen will open titled FTA ECHO Payment History and will default to a tab labeled “Request”

3)      Try to change some of the information on the screen and click on the green “OK” checkmark.  You should get a message stating that your are in a read only mode

4)   Click on the Message tab.  This area will detail what if anything was rejected.  Since you picked a project that was requested today, you message will most-likely read “There is no return message for your payment request”

Online Manual

Click the “Online Manual” link. A new window will open with the ECHO-Web User Manual.

Help Desk Information

Click the “Help Desk Information” link to display contact information for the help desk.